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Michelle Lozej - Chairperson / Health Board Rep/Candle Lake Sno'drifters Rep  1-306-981-3777 (call or text)
Terry Kostyna - Vice Chariperson / Candle Lake Sno'drifters Rep
Peggy Watt (Staff) - Secretary / Program Registration / Hall Rental
Sheri Carson (Staff) - Financial Officer
Sandra Briere - Bingo Coordinator / Monthly Craft Coordinator
Carla Painchaud - Candle Lake Sno'drifters Reg
Twyla Markham - Sailing Club Rep / Community Garden Rep 1-306-929-4704
Fraser Markham - Pickelball Rep / Trails Rep  1-306-929-4707
Estelle Sowinski - Community Garden Rep / Health Board Rep / Sno'drifters Rep / Fitness  1-306-292-8571 (call or text)
Bert Lavoi - Curling Club Rep
Dolly Kellett - Pickelball Rep / Monthly Craft Volunteer
Gail Graham - Art Club Rep
Jenelle Painchaud - Member at large
Kelly Guard - Member at large
Brian Wojciechowski - Council Rep



The Mission of the Candle Lake Parks and Recreation Board is to enhance the quality of life in our Resort Village by providing and maintaining quality parks, trails and green spaces, offering a range of innovative and accessible programming, and providing opportunities for physical activity, social interaction and community involvement.




In Candle Lake we have increased our efforts in the promotion of recreational programs that contribute to a healthy active community and help to enhance our quality of life.
Our Vision is to create a healthy lifestyle and activities to enhance Candle Lake through the development of sports, recreation, active living, parks and wildlife programs by partnering with people and community groups of Candle Lake, and The Saskatchewan Parks And Recreation Association (SPRA).
1.  Building awareness and direction for programs to promote healthy living.
2.  Developing and maintaining sports programs.
3.  Developing and maintaining recreational programs.
4.  Developing and maintaining cultural programs.
5.  Developing and enhancing walking, cycling and ski trails.
6.  Developing and enhancing all public reserves into parks and / or green areas for the betterment of our community.

Our group of volunteers manage the BALL DIAMONDS AND PLAYGROUNDS.  We are a group that helps to promote community awareness and provides the community with information of the local events hosted throughout the community.  We are all volunteers that dedicate our time and energy to make this a great place to live and play. 

Our Rec Board is always looking for new members to join us as we have two positions on the board that are open, so if you are able to donate some of your time we would welcome you with open arms.    We have meetings only once a month on the 2nd Thursday of the Month at 1:15 pm in the Village Office Chambers. The meetings are usually 2 hours long and we do not expect you to volunteer at every event that the Parks and Rec Board hosts as we do like to spred the events around with the members. 

Phone our P & R assistant Peggy Watt at 960-3568 for rental information for the hall and ball diamond usage.


*Co-ordinate 12 BINGOS throughout the year on 2nd Friday on the month.  Information on upcoming dates please look for information on website or the newsletter.
* Host an ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SUPPER & PROGRAM at the end of November.
* Co-ordinate CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS with a parade, children activities, good food, and fireworks.
* Distribute and co-ordinate COMMUNITY GRANTS.
* Publish a Monthly Newsletter and post major events on the Community Signboard.
* Host swimming lessons and mobile playground each summer.
*Co-ordinate community volunteers for all activities.
* Co-ordinate and organize the planting of Memorial trees in the greenspace in Memorial Park.
*Administer a Grant for a Grade 12 Graduate from Meath Park School.
*Accept applications for the Community Volunteer of the Year.

Parks and Recreation


Yearly Volunteer Awards 

   Candle Lake has Great Volunteers

   Candle Lake at one time contributed nominations of our citizens to the North Central Recreational Regional Association who had done exceptional volunteer work locally as well as having an impact on a provincial or national level. In 2000 Lucille Lang was nominated, in 2003 Dennis Chamberlain was nominated, in 2008 Joan Sajtos and Wayne Rocheleau were nominated regionally.

   Parks and Rec. of Candle Lake instituted a yearly Volunteer Award for past and continued volunteer work more locally in a range of community organizations to be given out July 1st replacing the regional award. This award was given in:
2007 to Dale McLeod, 
2008 to Terry Reed
2009 to Wayne Rocheleau,
2010 to Joan and Bob Sajtos
2011 to Val and Clarence Buckoski
2012 to Jean and Gerald Kopperud
2013 to Allie Callaghan
2014 to Doris and Ed Horn
2015 to Valerie and Dale Manton
2016 to Patti Matkowski
2017 to Michelle Lozej 
2018 to Dick Iverson.

   Congratulations to all past deserving winners of the award and with continued nominations to recognize the volunteers among us the list will continue to grow.




Swimming Lessons:

1st Week of swimming lessons:  July 22nd - 26th, 2019 ( see info. and registration form link )
2nd Week of swimming lessons: July 29th - August 2nd, 2019 ( see info. and registration form link )

Registration forms are below and need to be filled out and dropped off at the village office with payment or emailed to candlelakeparksrec@hotmail both with attention Peggy Watt as there are limited spots available the child's registration must be confirmed with the payment of $50.00 / child by either in person at the village office or by mail or E-Transfer
                 Candle Lake Parks and Recreation
                 Box 114 Candle Lake, Sk S0J 3E0

Park passes will be given to the parents not staying in the Sandy Bay Campground and they will be available when the receipts are issued the Monday morning of the child's 1st swimming lesson.  There will be no holding spots without payment as we have waiting list of children, the payment is due within 10 days of registration. 

 Registration Form (Click Here)

Registration Information (Click Here) 

Mobile Playground 

In order to register for the mobile playground all parents MUST fill in the registration form (see link below) and email it to Peggy Watt (Parks and Rec Assistan) at in order to be registered for the mobile playground.  These forms are mandatory for the children to participate in the activities.

Mobile Playground Poster

Mobile Playground Application




1. Trail Advisory Committee
2 .Winter Cross Country Ski Trails - (Click Here)
3 .Art Club
4. Pickelball
5. Walking 
6. Sailing Club
7. Badminton(Click Here)
8. Hiking (Click Here)


1.  Fitness Classes
2.  Yoga Classes (Click Here)



Plant a Tree in Memory of a loved one

Memorial Tree Application & Information (Click Here)