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Walking Trails Map

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Closed trails:
1. Old Horse Trail #3



Candle Lake Trails Advisory Group (CLTAG)

5 Year Plan

1. Fix low spots on West Side paved trail and then resurface them as well as finishing the resurfacing of thetrail from Island View to Lakeview Drive.
2. Resurface the gravel path from C&S parking lot to Quincy’s Corner to give walkers a smoothsurfaceoption from C&S to Lakeview Drive.
3. Whenever possible continue to have subdivisions connected to a trails system (not on our roadways if possible), paved, chipped or gravel, or a nature path.
4. Implement a Village manned and funded maintenance system for all our trails, Volunteers only have so much physical abilities and equipment to keep the trails in the shape that residents seem to want.
5. Maintain a painted walking strip on the east side of Simon Lehne for the safety of walkers and cyclists.
6. Maintain a painted walking strip on thepaved walking strip on the north side of Main Street from Hwy 265 to the Mini Golf for pedestrian safety.
7. Recognize that when nature deals us extra wet or blowdown conditions that it is OK to have some trails temporarilyclosed due to conditions beyond the village’s control.
8. Continue to communicate to the public via trails pamphlets, improved trails signage, social media,and other means to keep safe and accessible foot paths as viable options for residents and tourists alike.
9. For practical budgeting purposes, evaluation of all trails may be done by trail members and/or professional consultants as required to assist with the annual operating plan to prioritize items to be addressed in the 5 Year Plan
10. Connect pedestrian traffic from C&S Service to the Bayview Business district including a “zebra” cross walk along the highway with the possibility of lights.
11. Annually review operating plan and prioritize items to be addressed in 5 Year Plan.